Alex + Tom: Married! | Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden Wedding

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted a blog but what a way to come back because – Alex and Tom are married!

This wedding was special to me for a few reasons – the first being that it was Sawyer’s first wedding (sappy Mom post!) …the second and most important one is that Alex and Tom are family! I was so excited to be able to shoot and attend their wedding! (Huge shout out to Julia for being my saving grace and shooting with/for me so I could enjoy the day!)

Their Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden Wedding was an intimate, small ceremony that incorporated their family and friends and placed a special focus on Dylan and their love for him and for each other.  The minister shared a special story about how five years ago, Dylan gave Tom a plastic ring and said he could give it to Alex one day as her wedding ring.  Alex actually wore her Grandmother’s engagement ring but Tom gave that yellow ring back to Dylan as a memento of their bond to each other, cue the tears!

After the ceremony, they invited everyone back to a house on the lake for barbecue and drinks.  Enjoy a small peek into their big day!


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